Entering the Awards – Guidelines from the editor

We’re often asked how to compose entries that have the best possible chance of winning, and while it’s not an exact science, there are a few things our judges are on the look-out for.

First and foremost, winning entries will be exceptional in their success. Innovative solutions to problems being faced in the industry are favoured, and presenting tangible evidence of how the solution yielded financial gain is even better.

Specific case studies and instances of client success is a great way of presenting a successful solution. All of our award winners, historically, have raised the bar and helped shape the future direction of the industry.

Because our judges are presented with hundreds of entries please ensure your entry is as concise as possible – ideally no more than 1,000 words in length. Supporting information is most certainly encouraged, and should also be kept concise.

So what are these judges looking for? The perfect entry will include as much of the following information as possible.

  • Dates of the overall project. All entries should be for the period from Q3 2015 to present. In practice, this means the projects should have been completed and in production during that period. We realise that many large projects will run over several years and several geographies, but if it isn’t out of early testing it probably isn’t ready for entry.
  • The unique points of the project. What makes this implementation/project different? What specific pain-point is it solving? How have you made the lives of operators or customers easier as a result?
  • Financial impact/return on investment. This is particularly useful to the judges in distinguishing costly Tier 1 juggernaut projects from those of smaller players. Other performance metrics can also be offered.
  • How the project and/or product has advanced the category. Some entries may be worthy mainly due to their outright innovation. Judges’ eyes may be caught by highlighting a novel approach to an old problem or even a completely new category.

Hopefully that helps direct you somewhat in crafting your entry – we look forward to receiving yours soon.

Best of luck!